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Regardless of the stars given to a hotel, which determine its comfort or luxury, an important factor is reserved for the quality it offers. There are some standards that have already established criteria and requirements for many years, such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001. They can be followed spontaneously or require certification from third parties.


Those who work in the hotel sector for only a few years, know how much a familiar and welcoming atmosphere plays a prominent role in the management of the structure, whatever the degree of services offered. Nonetheless, it can be said that courtesy and willingness to perceive the needs of the guest, finally characterize the professionalism of the team of the house.


Where the guest feels at ease, when he sees his desires for well-being fulfilled without renouncing the peace and freedom of the holiday, the merit goes to the skills of the whole team of collaborators, who enliven the various sectors of the place to stay in an atmosphere of harmony and hospitality. The guest's satisfaction is at its peak when he returns to relive the enchantment.

Companies from all sectors can benefit from our service when it comes to looking for qualified personnel or apprentices. We also offer our expertise:

  • in urgent cases, eg. disease or similar, of co-workers. Often we can help and quickly find a replacement;
  • in the hotel business, where at the end of each season the staff shall be dismissed, there is often the need to find new partners. Companies can contact us even months before the actual start of the next season with a description of the personnel to search. In this way there is enough time available to solve in the best way the problem of finding suitablestaff;
  • in cases in which must be covered jobs for predictable reasons as retirement or maternity of staff, our agency can be contacted. And again: as much time available for the research we have, as many possibilities there are to find the right personnel.

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