Agenzia Luise

Mediation of staff

for the hospitality branch



Agenzia Luise... a meeting point between people looking for a job and the industry, with particular attention to the hotels. We help both employees and employers find the right place or suitable staff.


This property can not be judged by ourselves, but only by those who have already used our services. However, we can emphasize that since the beginning of 2010 we have been present with our agency in South Tyrol, especially in the hotel industry. Our team has many years of experience in recruitment.


In order to find a suitable job and connect it to the ideal Job Seeker, it is important to advertise on both fronts to bring the job to an ideal conclusion. For this, first, it is sufficient to deal with this in anonymity and to protect sensitive data until they come to the final contact between the two parties. The privacy is of course guaranteed.


Increasing speed sometimes means that people have to forego quality. Our philosophy involves the use of technology and software, especially for performing repetitive search and data filters that can be executed faster by a computer. The main focus for us, however, is to combine requests and offers as quickly as possible.

AGENZIA LUISE is a service company, which has set itself the task of being a meeting point for:

• companies seeking staff, eg. professionals, people who come from other branches as well as trainees and students for the summer holidays. Our offers of staff include professionals from the area but also people from the rest of Italy or other countries. Our expertise is focused in the hotel business, where our employees can boast of over ten-year experience;

• people looking for a job or a place of education, both in the hotel and in other professional fields.

So far we have provided a lot of personal in the branch of gastronomy, for hotels, restaurants, inns, bars, lodges, resorts, residences, to the mutual satisfaction of those who offer and those who receive the job. This will continue to be our goal.